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Cycle of Convenience Stores

Most convenience stores go through 5 stages

Stage 1
– When first opened, its future is “questionable”.

Stage 2 – After some time, it begins to increase in sales and income and is a “star”.

Stage 3 – With equipment paid off and sales good, it generates good cash flow and becomes a “Cash Cow”.

Stage 4 – After time, the paint begins to fade, and even though profits are still good, they begin to decline year after year, and it becomes a “mature” store.

Stage 5 – As new competition moves in or roads change, net income continues to decline into the negative, and you are stuck with a “dog”.

"Don’t let your stores become “dogs”.

Why partner with ABC Consulting??

The Convenience Industry is ever changing and very competitive. No longer can a company make several mistakes and continue to make money. You must always be searching for ways to increase sales, other revenue generators, increase gross profit dollars and reduce expense lines on your Profit and Loss Statement.

• I love the Convenience Store Business.

• I have high integrity in the Industry.

• I love to help people solve problems and make money.

• I spend thousands of dollars each year in going to educational functions and conferences staying in tune with the Convenience Store Industry.

• I have over 39 years of successes and failures. I made the mistakes!

• I have worked in most all positions in the Convenience Store Business from the bottom up.

• I have traded ideas with some of the greatest chains and people in the Convenience Store Industry.

• I think “out of the box”.

• I know my limitations and that everyone can not be an expert in everything. I know the experts to go to for help in making and saving money.

• I know that every company needs the biggest bang for the buck. Value is the name of the game.


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