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Mentor Program – This is a program for development of new CEO’s in a company or Succession
Planning of families where they are bringing children in to the business. Here are some of the
key points.

I have the experience, made the mistakes.
I would guide and advise.
I would develop; I would accelerate the development through the Mentor Program of the key executive.
The performance of management and the development of management would be done through the Mentor Program.
I have the sufficient time; whereas, some companies doing the Mentor Program internally do not.
Higher level executives will become better leaders.
The mentor is someone they can bounce ideas off of; someone who has the experience; someone they can work with to test new ideas.
Help the development of the key executive look at the big picture.
One on one coaching.
Give practical solutions to problems.
Give productive content that can be used to generate positive results in the Convenience Store Industry.
Work on Succession Planning.
Developing CEO’s outside a company has more risk and more cost, whereas mentoring inside the company has the opposite effect.
The mentor provides support, guidance, friendship, role-modeling assistance and an attentive ear.

Bankruptcies / Receiverships – Companies that are in bankruptcy / receiverships and where banks need help when they take over a company; the bank or lending institution needs someone to come in and run the company for awhile and develop the management team. This is management of convenience store chains in bankruptcy and/or receiverships. This would entail:

Temporary management and placement of new management team.
Help in placing new management team.
Work with the banks or lending institution.

C-Store Chain Turn-Around – Help a chain to maximize their profits and return on capital employed. This would be for chains that are not getting a return on capital employed. A chain that is losing money or a turn-around is needed to get better performance to sell assets.

Advisory Board Member – Set on a board of a chain to give insight on new ideas as an advisory board member only (no voting rights). Advise board on issues and use experience for company to perform at the highest potential. Here are some points of interest.

Advisory Board Members can bring skill sets that are totally out of reach for many small businesses, giving you access to such people for a tiny fraction of the cost. When you have an Advisory Board Member, good advice is just a phone call or email away.

Choose Advisory Board members with diverse backgrounds, and their Rolodexes will become one of your most valuable assets. They want to introduce you to anyone they feel might help grow your business.

The benefits of a Board of Directors without the hassles. You reap the benefits of your advisor without the formalities, intrusiveness and expense of a Board of Director.

Simple and inexpensive to set up and operate. They can be as informal as a breakfast meeting twice a year or slightly more structured with regular working meetings once a quarter complete with agendas.

Grow your business faster. An Advisory Board Member is a great way to signal to the world your intent to grow your business. When assembling an Advisory Board Member, pick an advisor who can help you develop growth strategies.

A personal sounding board. An Advisory Board member is a willing, informed listener. Your Advisor may have dealt with the same issues in the past and may be able to lead you to creative solutions. You gain the benefit of their hard learned lessons without having to go through the same pain yourself.

Mentoring. Business owners often have few ways to get support and guidance. Think of your Advisor as a mentor who helps coach you to become a more effective leader. An Advisor helps you get through the tough times with support and encouragement.

Advisory Board Member Supplier / Manufacturer – Advisory Board Member to bounce ideas off of on new products, new packaging, how to be “First on the Street”, how to get penetration in a market area, development of product signage, point of purchase material, etc.,
taking a look from the retailers point of view.

Speaking and Meetings - Engagements for C-Store Associations, State Associations, Convenience Store Chains, Suppliers, Manufacturers.

Price Book Analysis – Review the company’s retail price book of all grocery and DSD products. Make retail suggestions and analyze your price book by each item in the price book based upon competition and and movement of the item. Get the maximum gross profit for each
item and be competitive on the sensitive items needed. It is a second set of eyes for the pricing of products to maximize your gross profit.

Problems Solved / Advice Given by Phone – In many cases, certain problems, issues and advice can be given and problems solved by a simple phone call.

Review of Company Policies and Training Programs – Company policies and training manuals will be reviewed and analyzed. After review and analysis, new systems and procedures will be suggested to update policies and training to focus on what is most important in growing sales, eliminating legal actions, and having happy customers and employees.

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