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You can bank on it! For every dollar you spend, I will return $10 or more to your company! That’s 10 fold! In other words, if you did not get a 10 fold return, the only out-of-pocket expense you would have would be my travel expenses (plane fare, motel room, and normal travel expenses). That is the principal of the 10 Fold Program.

The $10 Fold Program will consist of an executed 300+ point Operational Assessment of your stores and office on specific items concerning how to increase sales, increase profits, and decrease expense lines on the Profit and Loss Statement.

This Operational Assessment will cover all aspects of your business model including the following:

Outside Image / Brand
Advertising / Signage
Rebates / Contracts
Inventory Loss Control
Human Resources
Fountain Program
Utilizing the experts when needed for cost reductions
Inside Image / Brand
Marketing / Merchandising
Other Income Generators
Labor Control
Motor Fuel
Coffee Program
Corporate / Office Analysis

After the Operational Assessment, if we do not return $10 for every $1 you spend, you pay for the travel expenses. We pack our bags, say our goodbyes and leave. It’s just that simple.